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Details about the game were revealed by Satoru Iwata at the 2009 Game Developers Conference.

Spirit Tracks was put on display at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

series take place in different points in Hyrulean history, and in many cases different timelines entirely, so the characters will always be different between games.

It's just something that happened while we were walking through the woods.Zoki64 has previous form in this area, having redesigned a whole host of retro Nintendo...Nintendo are bringing back the Nintendo World Championships this year, with aspiring wizards trekking to various Best Buys across the US to take part in the heats. With PAX West nearly upon us in early September, their official site has been updated to reveal some of the more notable events that are taking place. Shakespeare once wrote that "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." However, it seems in the case of translation that a rose by the same name may have a different smell, or mean something...Like Link, she appears in different incarnations throughout the series, in honor of the Zelda from The main villain(s) of the series: Prince of Darkness, King of Evil, ruler of the Dark World.His appearance in the first three games was an immense blue pig-demon or boar-demon (later depictions lean more towards boar than pig).

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