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In X-Perl Unit Frames, the ability to right-click to dispell buffs has been temporarily disabled to prevent “Taints” from occuring.If you use X-Perl, it also currently prevents you from right-clicking buffs displayed by the normal UI. So, for you few peeps out there that love your X-Perl as much as I do, and want to keep using it, but are sick and tired of having to disable the addon in order to right click your Tricks to dispell them, here’s a solution that finally works.I don’t even use healing/threat meters in my UI because I feel like they take up too much space (and I’d rather look at healing in World of Logs anyway).Here’s what my UI looks like while in a raid (though I usually have my achievement tracking turned off).Check hardware health of HP Proliant Servers by querying the i LO2|3 Management Controller. Checks if all sensors are ok, returns warning on high temperatures and fan failures and critical on overall health failure. -3: support for i LO3|4 -a: check fan redundancy (only some models) -c: check drive bays (only some models) -o: check power redundancy (only some models) -b: temperature output with location -l: parse i LO eventlog Howto: First test if you can reach the management controller with a web browser.

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To the top right I have my standard buffs and debuffs.This is a very specific, focused blog post to address one specific issue.I, like many others, do not like the default Wo W user interface.The plugin makes use of the HP Lights-Out XML scripting interface. Install the PERL modules Nagios:: Plugin, IO:: Socket:: SSL and XML:: Simple.HP provides some PERL scripting samples: check_ilo2_-H host -u username -p password Additional options: -e: plugin ignores "syntax error" messages in the XML output. Copy the plugin to your nagios plugin directory and make sure that the nagios user can execute it.

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