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'The fact that I tweeted it out, it's pretty f***ing done. 'For me to say that out loud to strangers, to people, for me, it's a big deal. I have kept everything to myself and our family and friends. I need to be alone steadily or with somebody steadily.'I'm trying to be an independent, strong, 28-year-old woman who doesn't want to settle for this weird pattern. Like, I don't say anything out loud.''I didn't lose any feelings for him. @stephenmcgee from #summerhouse #straightupwithstassi A post shared by Stassi Schroeder (@stassischroeder) on Stassi split with her boyfriend of over two years Patrick Meagher and announced it on Straight Up with Stassi podcast'.She even decided to first break the news on Twitter in 2016 July in a tweet which has since been removed.She can hang up that Steve Jobs turtleneck swimsuit, stop bemoaning her single gal fate to engaged and married friends far and wide – because Stassi is back in a relationship, people! Stassi’s followers heaped on the encouragement, commenting “So happy for you! Do not listen to haters-only you know what is right.”This outpouring of support is likely a welcome change of pace from the negative backlash Stassi received last season.And this time, it looks like we may get to see it play out on camera. Backlash which, Stassi said, made her “suicidal.” After engaging in what some dubbed as mean girl behavior, the internet dragged Stassi…HARD.According to rumors, Patrick is finally willing to film with Stassi on Pump Rules – a drastic shift from his previous stance on the matter. She responded in a tweet, “Suicidal thanks to you tweeters.

Stassi rose to fame for appearing on the reality tv series Vanderpump Rules in season 2 and coming back in a recurring role in season 4 which was aired on 2 Stassi Schroeder once dated the co-founder of the Silvershed artists, Patrick Meagher.

“I have quite a few breakdowns,” Stassi revealed during a recent sit-down interview with ET. We fought way too much, it was way too up and down, we're both so stubborn…

Even though she says we’ll never see Patrick on screen, the fashion blogger insisted, “Because he wasn't there to film with me, I feel like I had to really express myself even more so that people could understand what I was going through.” “I think he's a wonderful person… It's not like there wasn't enough love, that was there.” “I'm really trying hard to not get in a serious relationship because that's what I do, that's what I always do,” she explained.

The 28-year-old reality star explained she was tired of the inconsistency.

'We've broken up and gotten back together so many times, it was like, "Goda****, we can't do this pattern anymore, this routine of breaking up and getting back together every month,' she said.'I feel like I tweeted it because I deserve and he deserves so much better than this relationship where no one ever knows if we're together or apart,' she said.

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