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As Rene Leiner, he made his presence in 2008 and he has been featured in an American television drama series True Blood in 14 episodes.In 2010, he made his acting presence in an American crime comedy-drama television series Terriers where he appeared in the role of Britt Pollack and was featured in 13 episodes of the series.Michael has also been featured in other movies like Road to Paloma, The Salvation, Sons of Liberty, The Finest Hours and many more.Michael has also been a popular face in the TV screen, where he made his debut from 2003 crime drama television series Line of Fire.I’ve known Donal and Craig for a while and the opportunity to work with those guys again and then to jump into bed, so to speak, with Shawn Ryan and Ted Griffin was just something I didn’t want to miss the opportunity for. Well, first of all, the cast of Terriers is fantastic, such great, great people and really talented actors.What is it like working with the cast of Terriers, including “Winston? Donal and I’s sort of bromance has been well publicized, but other actors like Laura Allen are just brilliant and she’s so good in the show and as the season goes on she gets to go pretty deep and it’s just amazing.

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In the series of Terriers (2010), the actor plays the role of a goon who falls in love with a lady while breaking into her apartment.After graduation he started doing theater and also attended Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute located in New York.He has made guest appearance in the television series like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Medium, Boston Legal, ER, NCIS.I didn’t have a lot to do in the scene (my job that day was to sit there and look drug-dealerish in the shot – my main scene was with Donal Logue and Rockmond Dunbar) so I just sat back and watched him work. It’s always about the script and I just opened it up and started reading and was drawn to the writing and the opportunity to play a character that people may actually root for was sort of a nice little change.Needless to say, it was a good on Wednesdays at 10pm on FX. I was told that it was going to be Shawn Ryan and Ted Griffin and, of course, Craig Brewer and Donal it was just sort of a no-brainer.

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