Who is katy perry dating now

If you spend a lot of time with us here in the world of celebrity gossip, then there's a good chance you've heard this one before, Hell, it seems to pop up every few months, despite the fact that Rob appears to be in a serious, long-term relationship.This time, the reports are based on photos of the possible couple published by TMZ.An eyewitness says they even touched each other — with their arms!“Orlando put his arm around Katy’s waist several times, and at one point, she sat on his lap.” OK, sure!

In fact, the pop hit-maker confessed outright that the song “Still Feel Like Your Man” was directly inspired by his pop star ex: “Who else would I be thinking about?

(Katy is 32 and Niall is 23.)-Niall Horan said in his latest interview with The Project that he only wants to be friends with her.

My fourteenth greatest fear may have been realized: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom may be back to entertaining each other’s public and private parts. Perry and Bloom were spotted at an Ed Sheeran concert — of course — in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Plus, last time we checked, Robert Pattinson was engaged to singer FKA twigs.

When Howard Stern asked him if he was engaged last month, he said, "Yeah, kind of." The "kind of" is a bit confusing, but he then explained that he just doesn't like to disclose too much about his relationships.

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