Who dating paula abdul

We really disliked each other that much," he said, blaming her "sexual tension" for the animosity between the two.

Cowell and Abdul have poked fun at the rumors they were dating in the past, including in an Idol skit where the two were seen on a date and later sharing a kiss.

She’s now dating Dante Spencer, a 6’2″ model whose most notable work has been for International Male. Bad Taste and I used to go out, and let me tell you, she could not hold her liquor.

Oh my God, I had no idea Paula Abdul was a gay man, or that she was dating a giant Liberace impersonator. Thanks to Gina for the modeling link and yet another reason for us all to wake up screaming at night.They were adorable and Arsenio has always insisted that no matter what transpired between them, Paula is his girl and he loves her to death.According to the May 20th print edition of , the couple is back together again and this time around, Arsenio is sure he’s going to do things the right way.During the first two years of , viewers saw the two frequently engage in arguments -- and Cowell says that wasn't just for the show."I mean, the truth was, on the first two seasons, we couldn't travel on the same plane together.

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