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2: Kareena and Shahid Kapoor: Kareena’s second affair was with Shahid Kapoor. Kareena was so madly in love with our chocolate boy that she even turned vegetarian to accommodate his spiritual beliefs.

Things were going very well for Bollywood’s cutest couple of that time and even Kareena’s mother Babita who initially didn’t like Shahid Kapoor had given her approval.

Neither is it that people start dating when they’re less famous and it is the ultimate success of one of the two that ends the relationship.

We do not know what exactly might have happened behind closed doors, it is too personal to comment.” Kareena herself is known for her great equation with husband Saif Ali Khan.

Amrita had no idea about the kind of reaction that her presence was having on the young Saif, who was decidedly smitten by the actress, so much so that he decided to ask her out for dinner a couple of days later – an act that he had to summon a lot of courage for, as he recalls.[Read More: Saif Kareena Kapoor Wedding ]Amrita was so taken aback by the whole thing that where she would normally muster a stern “I don’t go out for dinner,” she found herself uttering a “I don’t go out for dinner, but you can come over to my place.”As it turns out, Saif, who was interested only in “having a nice time with a very nice person” and Amrita seemed to hit it off on the right foot, with conversation drifting from the professional to the personal and back with a fluid ease, and before they knew it the whole thing was done and they had kissed each other. And so began their story of tumultuous love, and right from the outset, Saif’s parents were disapproving of their relationship.

Among many other things, Amrita Singh was almost twelve years older than the ‘Chota Nawab’ of Pataudi.

With this being the season for celeb couples breaking up, Kareena Kapoor says that there’s no point discussing these issues as no one knows the real reason for these break ups, other than the couples themselves.

Here is the love life of this ravishing beauty before she married Saif Ali Khan in 2012.“Marriage is a full time job; one has to keep working on it,” she says, adding, “When Saif was shooting for Rangoon, I was at home taking care of the kids. When I discussed about Ki and Ka with him, he said, ‘You should keep up to your claim of being a modern girl. Also if you and Arjun are playing husband and wife in the film, kisses are a part of the story, you should do it’.While I was shooting for Ki and Ka and Udata Punjab Ki, Saif was at home. Saif will never want me not to work.” Simplifying the equation of a relationship, Kareena adds, “We have to support, love and respect each other and give enough space to each other to be able to maintain that love.Jimmy Cliff (Saif Ali Khan) is a call center executive who also teaches English.Pooja Singh (Kareena Kapoor) shows up outside his class and says she needs private tutoring.

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