What is thermoluminescence dating

Carbon dating of charcoal inside the furnaces revealed dates as far back as 280 B.C., giving Nok the earliest dates for iron smelting in sub-Saharan Africa up to that time.We describe here the experimental evidence which indicates that some event which has the same result does occur.We then show that exposure to sunlight could be this event, and finally show that TL dates obtained for an ocean sediment core are in agreement with dates determined independently.The transient nature of the thermoluminescent emission suggests that heating merely triggers the release of stored energy previously imparted to the material.Supporting this interpretation is the fact that after the thermoluminescence has been reduced to zero by heating, the sample can be made thermoluminescent again by exposure to one of a number of energy sources: x-rays and gamma rays, electron beams, nuclear particles, ultraviolet light, and, in some cases, even short-wave visible light (violet and blue).

In some materials, these states are trapped, or arrested, for extended periods of time by localized defects, or imperfections, in the lattice interrupting the normal intermolecular or inter-atomic interactions in the crystal lattice. Thermoluminescence (TL) is the light emitted by a material when heated and which results from a previous dose of radiation.In the simplest cases the light intensity is proportional to the radiation dose and can be used for determining an unknown dose; when combined with other measurements which yield the dose rate the TL can thus be used to calculate an age.The high number of smelters and quantity of terracottas suggested he had found evidence of a dense, settled population.were found at the archaeological site of Jebel Irhoud.

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