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MS Access is an all-in-one and powerful development environment for office-based applications.

It 's able to do transactional operations in an "all-or-nothing" fashion, just like any other mainstream DBMS systems out there such as Oracle, My SQL, SQL Server, etc.

On the Assembly Information window, check Make assembly COM-Visible. This allows COM-based applications to call the class library's member variables and methods. There are a few ways to do it based on your circumstances.

Applications created in VB or VBA are COM-based applications. For a development machine, we can check "Register for COM Interop" setting in Visual Studio. Then check Register for COM Interop (Based on your version of Visual Studio, it could be on a different tab). Depends on whether your build is a Debug or Release build, you can find the DLL and type library file in either Debug or Release folder under the bin directory.

Hope the tips can save you a couple of hours or days of headaches. This class has two variable members and one Add() method.

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If the first INSERT succeeds, it will continue to do the second INSERT.

A split database in MS Access simply means you will have one file that contains your tables only.

This is sometimes called a "back end" or "data file." For simplicity, we'll refer to it as your Access Data File.

This article discusses key best practices to deploy your Access database.

This item is a must to make upgrades to your end users easier.

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