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It’s a little tough juggling in between work and the games. :) (I was anon talking a put baby story for DN.) I wasn't offended at all. You were expressing your views :) There’s no right and wrong to it. I will only think that you are a very sad person if you can’t even express how you feel about things. And we are all fangirls to the characters we love/adore/admire/etc XD Well, if they do not release a story, you can “make” one out on your own. Well, the app introduces the characters to us~ So we can’t have everything go our way. Unfortunately i do not have an answer to your question above.

I do agree with you on the part that it leaves room for imagination but there's that little fangirl in me that just wants to see Yoshitsune get all blushy and excited over a baby when he doesn't even have a Happy Baby News side story. I’m glad that you read my reply :) Feel free to drop me an ask anytime. The site provides releases of their titles on a monthly basis.

Also take advantage of two Service Now features that help project participants interact and collaborate: journal fields and live feed.

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To maximize your efficiency you need to keep the passive stacked.

You then had to finish the update and hope for a better one in the next version.

If you have found yourself in this situation, then this tutorial is for you.

The 3rd swing is 1,5x damage and you attack at half the speed as the first 2 attacks. The 4th attack is 2x the damage and as mentioned it deals AOE damage, but it is also twice as slow as the 2 first attacks.

You want to use this for clearing multiple minions, and for fighting someone when you are up close. And for fighting enemy gods it actually makes you stronger 1 vs 2 than you are 1 vs 1.

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