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We recommend using synchronous mode only for unit tests.

Using asynchronous callbacks can lead to unexpected behavior when accessing the store.

Cursors are used by database programmers to process individual rows returned by database system queries.

Cursors enable manipulation of whole result sets at once.

Inter Base uses the information in the statement to prepare system resources for the cursor when it is opened, but does not actually perform the query.

In computer science, a database cursor is a control structure that enables traversal over the records in a database.

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A minimal example of cursor setup is below: under the hood).To add objects to an object store, open the object store and call the add method.To update a record object in an object store, use the put method and set the key value of the record you want to replace.In this scenario, a cursor enables the rows in a result set to be processed sequentially.In SQL procedures, a cursor makes it possible to define a result set (a set of data rows) and perform complex logic on a row by row basis.

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