Ubuntu 9 10 not updating from cd

When you power on a virtual machine, if a new version of VMware Tools is available, you see a notification in the status bar of the guest operating system.This procedure describes how to use the VMware Tools tar installer to install or upgrade VMware Tools.Each release receives bug fixes and security updates for about 18 months (or 3 years in the case of "Long Term Support" releases such as Linux Mint 13).The development team is also focused on the latest release. The first thing to do is to make a backup of your data. For instance, you may find out that a graphic card or a wireless adapter which currently works fine for you under Linux Mint, isn't recognized by the newer version of Linux Mint you're planning to upgrade to.Here’s how to install Ubuntu: For an Ubuntu beginner or curious Windows intermediate user, there’s no single, simple source of information when it comes to getting started. We downloaded Ubuntu using a bittorrent client from here because the file is over 1GB in size.One thing I have noticed is that there’s a lot of technical jargon and sometimes unnecessary terminal commands in lengthy forum posts, but no simple “how to” guides, which I think might put some people off! Using torrent lets you resume the download in case there is some interruption. It is important that you download the Desktop version.How complicated that is depends on how old your machine is, who is the manufacturer, and what model that you have.You might have to consult the manufacturer’s website for instructions if you cannot find the options discussed below.

Let me know what I am doing wrong with the upgrading process. Done Building dependency tree Reading state information...

This guide will show you how to install Ubuntu by booting from a CD or within Windows itself.

Install the latest version of VMware Tools to enhance the performance of the virtual machine's guest operating system and improve virtual machine management.

If things are working fine and you're happy with your current system, then you don't need to upgrade.

A new version of Linux Mint is released every 6 months.

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