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There are over 3 million people currently internet dating in the UK, a number that continues to rise across all age groups.With so many options, we offer an Oldie approved alternative to find a good friend or soul mate without the hassle of an app.

All over the world there are other godly singles like you, who are no longer living for themselves.Through this website, we want to give you opportunity to encourage one another, persevere together, partner with each other, and possibly find spouses among one another.This endeavor is for God's glory, and also because we, and many others care for you.Rather, on average, "Relative to cohabitations formed between 19, cohabitations formed from 1995–1999, 2000–2004, and 2005 and later were 13%, 49%, and 87%, respectively, more likely to dissolve than remain intact.The lower risk of marriage over remaining intact occurred only for the last two cohabitation cohorts (2000–20 and later), which were about 18% and 31% less likely to marry than remain intact, respectively." Moving in together is becoming less and less likely to lead to having a future together.

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