Switzerland dating men and women

"People have something in their mind when it comes to these countries and love."Swiss lovers were also ahead of other neighbours Germany (117), the United States (85) and Britain (92).Good stamina The Swiss were also found to have good stamina. They are beautiful and charming but they have their “own” attitude so men confront with tedious conversation.

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They do this so as to establish a stable background for their future wife’s comfort and sense of security.They never get stressed, nervous or angry when flights are delayed or hotel bookings lost or any kind of disaster strikes.In fact, they are good to have around in any kind of emergency as they are so level-headed – no emotions, just the facts.The Swiss are not shy when it comes to lovemaking – 123 times a year, according to a global sex survey. But some experts have doubts about whether the report reveals what is really going on between the sheets in Switzerland.The first part of the Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, by condom maker Durex, was released earlier this week.

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