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But when you have differences in your approach to life or your ethics about relationships, it’s definitely not good for the romance.

One of you could compromise, but that’s not really an option for the long term, is it?

The only word out of his camp has been a statement by attorney Daniel E.

Reidy, who said Rose cooperated in an investigation by Memphis that uncovered "no wrongdoing on his part."The Associated Press contributed to this report.

When I signed up for Hub Pages, I felt like there was a certain spirit of dishonesty in how the site was presented to potential authors in an attempt to recruit them to write and publish on the site.

After signing up for hubpages and using it briefly, I started to wonder whether or not the site was a scam, once I began to understand both its policies and practices, and the way they were presented.

After some time, I deleted my hubs and my account, and started searching for discussion of hubpages being a scam.

This selective presentation of information involved failing to mention certain key facts about how the site works, facts that would probably drive many users away from contributing to the site.

I think honestly is more than just making each statement be literally true--I think it involves having the big picture you are presenting be accurate and consistent on a deep level.

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