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You don’t want your children to be slaughtered.” Sahan wasn’t an option for Somalis who became refugees after fleeing famine, torture, and violence during the civil war that wrecked their country in the 1980s.After years in squalid refugee camps, some of them were brought to America by refugee agencies and resettled in Atlanta, Columbus, Memphis, and other cities.The judges say the case was based on a fictitious story and a person who had been diagnosed as insane. District Judge William Haynes' December 2012 ruling overturning the convictions of Fahra, Kayachith and Yusef, and agreed with Haynes' reasoning that the government did not prove the men were part of a single, overarching conspiracy. Thirty people, most of whom were Somali immigrants or refugees and male students ages 17 to 21, were originally indicted in 2010.

Three years ago, an American version of sahan led hundreds of Somali refugees from Atlanta to the sleepy, frozen former mill town of Lewiston, Maine.The number of rapes rose sharply, making the simple act of going to the bathroom a life-risking activity."They simply came and waited for women between their house and bathrooms," said Fatima Nor, who said she was once attacked but escaped when her husband intervened. I think having light scares the predators." Mohamed Bundu, the Mogadishu director for the Danish Refugee Council, said that in addition to the extra security the May installation of the lights brought, they are also helping children study and businesses attract customers.With trembling fingers Abdul Fatah unties the banana skin holding the red-green stalks of khat and steadily pulls away the soft new shoots, discarding the leaves before folding them into a wad and starting to chew.It is a busy Friday morning in a pretty public garden in Sheffield’s Burngreave area at the heart of the city’s Somali and Yemeni community, the largest outside London. From next Tuesday the chewing of khat, a recreational drug consumed almost exclusively by Britain’s immigrant populations from east Africa and Yemen, becomes illegal.

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