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Anyway, they also revealed a brand new PV for the trio, as well as a character visual: Much like the original [email protected] TV anime and film, as well as Cinderella Girls, A-1 Pictures will be producing the animation.

Takahiro Harada and Miyuki Kuroki are returning to the [email protected] series as the TV anime’s directors.

Thanks to its collaboration with all concerned parties, clients and consulting engineers, Sidem contributes in bringing MSF plants to the level of reliability and efficiency that can be seen nowadays.

THE [email protected] Side M [email protected] PIECES 05 is the 5th CD in the THE [email protected] Side M [email protected] PIECES series released on June 28th, 2017 at the price of ¥2,160 by Lantis Co., Ltd. In parallel, Sidem develops and improves further the MED process. MSF are confirmed and Sidem decides to promote that technology from there on.Taking lessons from the old ME evaporators (submerged tubes, top brine temperature of around 70°C), Sidem introduces the modern MED concept with spray-tube bundles and low operating temperatures, allowing this renewed process to get a level of reliability equivalent to MSF but with additional advantages, in particular: lower costs, lower electrical consumption, a better flexibility and also the possibility of reaching very high efficiency (GOR up to 17). The size of single MED units continues to grow: Curaçao Island 12,000 m/d (2007). The first units were mainly destined to vessels, based on Multiple Effect Distillation (MED), but also in some cases on the Flash-Recycle principle (MSF).Then, as the onshore market grew, Sidem pushed the development of its MSF-technology.

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