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“As a primary care physician, I get to work with my patients on staying healthy, instead of just reacting when they are sick.

The sentence was announced by United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Vogt of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and Anne Arundel County Police Chief Tim Altomare.

As part of this responsibility, the college developed a policy prohibiting all forms of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and sex discrimination.

This includes, but is not limited to: Retaliation for reporting any such conduct is expressly prohibited.

My therapeutic focus encompasses counseling for couples, families, and individual counseling for adults and teens.""You may feel that in the midst of your life's demands (career, parenthood, relationship, money) you have arrived at a crossroads and feel stuck.

Many people have been there before you, and NOW IT' S YOUR TURN. Some have given up and others continue to "just get by".

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She completed her family practice residency at the University of Vermont College of Medicine and Fletcher Allen Medical Center in Burlington. The policy also provides procedures for reporting sexual harassment and misconduct, as well as a path towards a timely and equitable resolution while protecting the rights of those involved.The policy applies to AACC students, faculty, administrators, staff, volunteers, vendors and others conducting business on behalf of the college, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.Students who have been or are being subjected to sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, or sex discrimination, or who are aware of another who has been or is being subjected to sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, or sex discrimination are strongly encouraged to notify the college Federal Compliance Officer, Department of Public Safety and Police, other appropriate college authorities or local law enforcement.Reports may be made in person, by telephone, by e-mail, online, or anonymously to the individuals or departments to the right.

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