Scrappy and shay dating

The moment he thinks you’re hinting at any type of “where is this going,” “what are we doing,” “what’s up with me and you” type of discussion, he will promptly give you a label you did not see coming, “the homie.”I knew Shay was doomed when Scrappy only referred to her as such on “Love & Hip-Hop.” Any man who’s about doing anything with a chick instead of going up inside of her for free will be quick to lay claim to her as his girl in some shape, form, or fashion. And that’s because he had no interest in doing so — ever.

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He’ll flirt with you; call you and text you all times of the day, but mostly at night; he will try to sleep with you (and possibly succeed); and he will suggest that you two will be together at some point in the future, yet that future never comes.

And most importantly, unlike the man who clearly tells you he only sees you as a friend, the man putting you in this group will never label you as anything — until you start asking questions.

The fact is that with long distance relationships, you see each other when you can both hop on Skype, or when one of you has enough money and can take time off to go visit the other.Going along with the lack of physical touch, in most LDRs, the couple relies on daily phone calls and texts to help them get through the days.But, if hearing his voice and reading his words doesn’t cut it for you, don’t think twice about getting into a long distance relationship.Joseline heard about Althea and Stevie’s relationship from her friends, but she did not believe Stevie and wanted to fight Althea. You know, that annoying area a man you’re interested in places you when he doesn’t want things to go beyond you two just being cool.

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