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Denver Comic Con offers impressive multi-track programming that covers comic books, cosplay, demos, education, gaming, literature, film, unity, sci-fi/fantasy, kid & teen tracks and even sci fi speed dating.

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It's all in hopes that someone they picked out wrote down their number, too. "It was a lot of fun, I'd definitely do it again," Nelson said with a grin.Speed dating might sound like an awkward way to meet that special someone, but it still remains popular at conventions.And if you’re looking to find someone who shares your love for comic books, anime, video games or whatever nerd fetish you have, Sci-Fi Speed Dating at Denver Comic Con could be the answer.Kelleher, who works as an IT engineer at a power plant company, immediately recognized this and saw an opportunity for some flirtatious banter."My personal philosophy is those who can make something out of nothing are always rich,” Kelleher later told Business Insider.

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