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Since it is common for couples to share the same style in Korea, fans of the two immediately took to social media and expressed their joy, excitement and happiness at the prospect of "Daragon" becoming a real thing.

However, neither Dara nor GD have officially commented on their relationship.

2NE1‘s Sandara Park has teamed up with Thai actor Mario Maurer for the newest campaign of clothing brand, Penshoppe.

Through the official social media channels, Penshoppe released its first ever campaign of Dara and Mario Maurer together on September 14, with the theme ‘Penshoppe Rules the City’.

The episode received attention as girl group KISS, who disappeared after releasing hit track Because I′m a Girl, made an appearance.

KISS answered questions about the group′s disbandment after only 5 months and asked Davichi, Sandara Park and other girl group members, "Do agencies still implement dating bans?

She added that she was in denial about the disbandment at first and later became depressed when it sank in.To be sure, their similar hair colour might just be a coincidence and the 'BIGBANG' star took to his Instagram account to indirectly rubbish rumours of him dating Dara.His latest picture reads, "BORE ME MORE," written in purple.var _rnb = $('#sub AD_side'); //_rnb.css("background","#000").css('opacity','0.1'); var main Bnr Height = $('#main Bnr').is(":visible")?Sandara Park talked about the “dating scandal” with fellow YG labelmate, G-Dragon.

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