Ryan gosling is dating michelle williams

He's the man of the moment, no other actor has quite the same giddying effect.

It seems there is only one person in the world not interested in talking about Ryan Gosling – and that's the 32-year-old Canadian himself.

Three years later, Plan B has its fourth consecutive best-picture thoroughbred in the Oscar race with . Because for much of Hollywood history, moguls preferred screen idols to stay firmly in front of the camera.

If there’s one tell that signals an industry insider—beyond the competitive name-dropping or valeting the latest Tesla—it’s the offhand use of jargon.

We have seen pictures of Michelle Williams as Marliyn Monroe for her upcoming movie My Week with Marilyn, and now we are seeing the trailer with her in it.

After watching the Dawson’s Creek give the late movie legend life, you can see that she really captured her essence.

Insiders reveal to Vanity Fair details about their last days as a couple.

Wrapped in new-man cashmere, he fixes those baby blues on you and immediately starts asking the questions himself."Have you ever met Arnie? Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Los Angeles, with a new film. " My mom had a picture of him on the fridge when I was growing up – he was on a horse.

Players don’t have meetings at all the studios; they “do the rounds.” On film sets, actors are referred to as “talent.” And the charmed few who secure a producing deal with a major studio “hang a shingle” on the lot.

Less well known is another juicy bit of industry slang, at once derisive and descriptive.

Cinematographer Nicola Pecorini, who worked with Ledger on his last film, that Ledger used to smoke marijuana regularly, but "went clean as a whistle" when he thought it was becoming an issue.

And vocal coach Gerry Grennell, who worked and lived with Ledger during the shooting of .

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