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Binary Version 6.1.7601.21645 Package Version 13.0 2012-02-18 Checking Windows Servicing Packages Checking Package Manifests and Catalogs Checking Package Watchlist Checking Component Watchlist Checking Packages Checking Component Store Summary: Seconds executed: 764 No errors detected Am I going to have to live without this update? Every time I go to run the windows upgrade program and I begin installing it on my laptop I get to a point it comes up with a screen warning that my laptop is low on power, even thought its at full power and plugged into the ac, and won't let me go on any further. I have tried several times to get it to install on one of my W7 machines. When that didn't work, I downloaded the ISO file and burned a DVD.Sometimes Windows patches or service packs simply will not install successfully.Things I have tried: Windows update troubleshooter, which claimed it fixed 80070005 but didn't really do anything Turning windows firewall and antivirus off Installing in a clean boot slate Running subinacl with the instructions in this microsoft support page: resetting windows update components Contemplating suicide Scanning with Microsoft Safety Scanner, no files infected.Also, I've been installing it manually from the microsoft website.When I restart my computer to finalize the update, it will get to 98% then say "Failed configuring windows update. Checking the windows update history tells me it failed due to error 80070005, which googling says it is a permissions error.

Several Windows 7 users have reported that when they try to check for new updates using Windows Update, it keeps checking for updates for hours.

To anyone who is willing to help, thank you in advance.

PC: Gateway dx4860OS: Windows 7 64 bit Service Pack 1I have been trying all day to install the windows 7 SP1 platform update (kb2670838).

I tried to fix the Update service, but nothing was working so I just moved on to try and install SP1. I have tried so many solutions and they all seem to come up with errors.

I downloaded the file manually from Microsoft's site, but the installation failed. I feel like with every possible solution I find (sfc scannow, System Update Readiness Tool, etc.), I learn about more problems with my computer.

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