Plenty of whales dating itemupdating folder fires twice

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Probably a combination of cigarettes and too much sun exposure.

"They are re-inhabiting areas they used to be in (as their numbers grow).

Just how close to a humpback whale would you feel comfortable being?

You have the land whales showing way too much flesh and often hideous tattoos. The females who have to make a "funny" face on the picture. I am convinced a few are actually men claiming to be women.5. If I were on a dating site, I would be in my most appealing clothes, have a new haircut, some make up on.

"I am a single mother with five children." As if that is a lure? The profile titles as "I am tired of games," "No games, no drama," "This site sucks" etc. Here and there, you do see a female who appears normal. If the profiles are truthful, they are generally nurses or some sort of management. It is not a surprise that most take no pride in their appearance and make no effort to make a good impression. I am of the view if someone does not take pride in their appearance, they don't take pride in anything else in their life either.

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