Play the termite dating game

Receive e-mails and alerts when termite activity is found within 500m of your home.Termites and termite prevention often go without any attention, don’t be caught out before it’s too late!When one of our licensed pest control companies records a positive Termite infestation near you, Termite Register will instantly alert you of the nearby risk, enabling you to then contact the reporting company.

The winner is the player who owns the mounds with the highest total value at the end of the game.There are 4 castes: Battles are fought on various terrain tiles which affect efectivness of your Termites.During player turn each of them can put one unit on the board, move and attack other players unit or mounds.The territorial instinct drives them to continual battle.Tangible proof of their tenacity are the huge mounds that contain millions of insect warriors, always ready to defend their fortress.

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