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After a few years, I discovered that I enjoy visiting theme parks in a casual way with non-enthusiasts much more than credit-whoring with other nerds, and that lead to my hobby faded to the background a little bit.

I'd still stay up to date, and visit a theme park every now and then (mostly the Efteling), but nothing overly exciting. She really enjoys theme parks and lives in the right area, and suddenly it became an option to dig up that old dream of doing a US coaster trip and doing that in a casual way, thus combining my old and new way of experiencing my hobby.

“She’s worried that while he’s off making movies with hot women, he’ll be tempted to cheat.

And it didn’t help that Emma showed up on set declaring that she is single and ready to mingle.” Miley, 19, and liam, 22, announced their engagement in late May after three years of dating.

The internet gave my hobby a huge boost around 2004-05 as I discovered the communities out there, and I was able to fit all the bits and pieces I knew from news papers and documentaries in a complete world view.Well now it seems that Emma might be taking a page from Julia’s man-stealing book as well.Allegedly, Emma is trying to put the moves on Liam Hemsworth while they film together, and Miley Cyrus isn’t happy about it, according to this week’s Enquirer. Here’s the story: on location in new Orleans and New York with Emma, who plays his love interest.Het alternatief is namelijk dat ik de tekst weglaat, want ga ik de hele handel vertalen.De laatste tijd zijn er al veel TR's uit deze contreien gekomen, dus het zou goed kunnen dat ik dit TR in herhaling valt. Veel kijk- en/of leesplezier.-----------------------------------------------------------------I've been interested in theme parks and roller coasters for as long as I can remember.

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