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I LOVE classic movies, so I was pretty excited when Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios (MGM) recently released a bunch of classic films on DVD, including 29 films and ten collections. Check out the titles below, and click through these links to buy: Fox Cinema Archives MGM Limited Edition (1936).

A leading impresario brings a burlesque show to Broadway and then deserts his old friend to marry a beautiful socialite.

Oozing an endless supply of charm and masculine virility, Gable sets his sights on this shapely harem — and the 0,000 in stolen gold hidden somewhere close by! Robert Wagner is Bud Corliss, a darkly handsome college boy so obsessed with wealth that he’ll do anything to get it.

When his rich girlfriend Dorothy (Joanne Woodward) gets pregnant and is threatened with disinheritance, Bud stages her suicide, sending her plummeting from the roof of a high-rise.

O serviço de tradução on-line gratuito do Google traduz instantaneamente textos e páginas da web Este tradutor tem suporte para: português (Brasil), africâner.

There are differences, as befitting a Russian and a good communist.

At the outset, let me acknowledge James Mc Leary who wrote to kick me off my lazy butt and take a look at this one. Learning the language, one of the Earthmen romances a Martian Princess, who is torn between her heart and her duty.

Meanwhile, a villain with a prior relationship to the Princess puts in place his evil plan to destroy both the lovers and the Martian civilization.

Aelita is a sort of Russian Communist version of Burroughs' Princess of Mars, written in triumphal soviet style, back in 1923 by Count Aleksei Tolstoy (January 10, 1883 - February 23, 1945).

Like many other Mars stories of the age, there are elements that fit it into Barsoom. They discover a desert world of canals, the ruins of dead cities, strange multi-legged monsters and eventually a human civilization which uses airships.

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