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College Credited Learning in the Vancouver, BC Area Life Teams is a youth ministry training school emphasizing hands-on experience in relational youthwork mixed with compassionate outreach opportunities, solid teaching, individual mentorship and community living.Life Teams Contact Info: [email protected] Support Sites: Learning where to go and how to appropriately use information that is on the Internet can be challenging to both parents and students.In August 2011, a few months after his full restoration to the church, Lance was enjoying life in a Mars Hill house, living with other men and paying his rent in volunteer labor.But that autumn, he had a disagreement with one of his pastors over a building-safety issue during a church party.

According to a Cinderella hermeneutic, Ruth, a young, destitute, immigrant widow, catches the eye of the rich and powerful older Boaz as she is scavenging (or gleaning) in his field for leftover scraps of grain.

“Performance is done for the sight and approval of others.

Service is done knowing that God is watching and approving whether or not anyone else is.

He rails against mainstream Christians who imagine a "Richard Simmons, hippie, queer Christ...

a neutered and limp-wristed popular Sky Fairy." Instead, he has molded a doctrine based on manliness, sexual purity, and submission to authority: wives to husbands, husbands to pastors, and everyone to God.

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