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His father, Tikon Akhimovich, was a locomotive fireman, and his mother was a train station cleaner.The couple had two other sons, one of whom died in infancy.In 1944 when the West Ukraine was re-occupied by the Red Army, he was arrested with his mother and sent to Siberia.In 1946 Shukhevych was taken away from his mother to orphanage for children of enemies of the people in Donets Basin.Marchenko gained international fame in 1969 through his book, My Testimony, an autobiographical account written after his arrival in Moscow in 1966 about his then-recent sentences in Soviet labour camps and prisons.In 1968, in the run-up to the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, Marchenko wrote an open letter predicting the invasion.The New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc., the world’s largest energy marketplace, has developed a proposed REBCO futures contract in collaboration with Expertica Ltd.The expected benefits of a REBCO futures contract are continuous price discovery, market transparency, and financial protection against the risk of counterparty default.

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He is a former long serving leader of the Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian National Self Defence.

Having spent about 20 years in all in prison and internal exile, Nathan Shcharansky said of him: "After the release of Yuri Feodorovich Orlov, he was definitely the number one Soviet prisoner of conscience." The widespread international outcry over his death was a major factor in finally pushing then-Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev to authorize the large-scale amnesty of political prisoners in 1987.

Anatoly Tikhonovich Marchenko was born on 23 January 1938, in Barabinsk, Novosibirsk Oblast, in the Siberia region of the Russian SFSR, Soviet Union, to illiterate railway workers from a peasant background.

In December 1990 Shukhevych was elected as head of Ukrainian National Assembly which itself was renamed Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian National Self Defence (UNA-UNSO) in September 1991.

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