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You know the type: imperious, judgmental, clipboard in hand, looking you up and down as a snarling bouncer lurks, ready to eject you for “not looking right”.“I hated it,” the 21-year-old says quickly, lest I think that being imperious and judgmental comes naturally to her. I had an earpiece and a camera and the manager inside would go ‘Yes, no, yes, no’ to the point where I had to turn down my own friends for wearing trainers.

What are the real opportunities and threats for your business?It is a warm July night, and the bar is buzzing with the energy of a party. Adem, who is slight with brown hair and wearing a crisp, white, button-down shirt, smiles nervously and admits he almost did not come to the bar tonight. Just over a year ago, an employee of Pure Pure, a club near the city’s stadium, began advertising the establishment as “gay-friendly” on Gay Romeo.com, a popular international meeting and dating site. “I feared for my safety.” This fear is understandable.The practice resurfaced, however, amid the political instability following the 1998–99 conflict.In Kosovo’s largely secular society, most people dress in Western clothing.

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