Knabe piano dating

Click RESTORATION and see work order for restoration for grand pianos. One would think that if this has been in 5 generations that someone (how about YOU) would take a hand and bring it back to standards and new condition.

Knabe’s rich history began more than 200 years ago when Wilhelm (William) Knabe was born in Kreuzburg, Germany in 1803.

William died in 1864 and left the company to his two sons, Earnest and William Knabe Jr.

Throughout the 1800s and early 1900s, Knabe became one of the most respected names in piano history, building high quality square grand (until the late 1800s), upright and grand pianos.

Knabe & Gaehle built high-quality grands, uprights, and squares at a small factory in Baltimore and managed to compete with other larger, more established American manufacturers.

Knabe & Gaehle became a part of American history when in 1838, ,” commissioned the company to custom-build a square grand piano for his home.

The French campaigns in Germany in 1813 prevented him from studying to become an apothecary like his father, and instead he apprenticed with a cabinet maker, after which he worked two years as a journeyman cabinet maker, then for three years for a piano maker in Gotha, before working as a journeyman piano maker in different cities in Germany. It is currently a line of pianos manufactured by Samick Musical Instruments. was a piano manufacturing company in Baltimore, Maryland from the middle of the nineteenth century through the beginning of the 20th century, and continued as a division of Aeolian-American at East Rochester, New York until 1982.William Knabe entered into partnership with William Henry Gaehle in 1839, forming firm of Knabe & Gaehle in Baltimore, Maryland. built some of the finest pianos in American history.In 1854, Gaehle withdrew giving complete control to Knabe, and the name was changed to William Knabe & Company. Knabe’s patents were numerous, and their many innovations aided in improving piano design and evolution well into the 20th Century.

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