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Or in Torontontian slang, it could also be a way to emphasize your point. She did ah tell lie."A medley of the two words 'go' and 'on' merged into one rambunctious word. I am about to eat a lot because I am so hungry"Torontonian- "You dun know these are a decent pair of shoes still eh? On the other hand, this word is more of an expression of disbelief for Jamaicans. Part bustling city and part quiet town, Phoenix is a colorful blend of Indian tradition, Spanish influence, and American Wild West.Local dating in Phoenix can yield experiences as diverse as our sunbaked heritage.

Torontonians on the other hand have caught on with this short form of pluralization by saying things like "man dem".

"The word 'tingz' is probably one of the most versatile in the Jamaican vocabulary. She's really great."A term of agreement or declaration of knowledge in Torontonian terms. "Kristen is a Communication Studies and Film Studies student at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Jamaican- "Bare tingz a gwan tonight."English- "There are a lot of things happening tonight"Torontonian- "So I was chilling wit my ting the other day yo. "English- "I was hanging out with my girl the other day.

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