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Tragic: And naturally, with talk of the movie series comes the topic of the untimely death of one of its best-loved stars, Paul Walker, who died in November 2013 in a car accident, amid shooting the seventh film, Furious 7Meanwhile, Scott, who is the son of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, said that when he started acting he simply intended to 'give it a shot'.'If it didn’t work out, I’d go be a firefighter. ' he admitted, before saying of his father: 'Look, I’m grateful for everything my father gave me.

Or maybe a Teletubbie,' he joked, referencing the fact that the Teletubbies were also guests on the same Lorraine episode.'I took advantage of them backstage.

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And actor Scott Eastwood appeared on Friday's edition of Lorraine to chat about the movie, which is set for release on April 12. She was also joined in the kitchen by TV chef John Whaite, and oversaw things as he baked her a upside down banana cake.

at Pebble Mill in the 1990s and is included in the photo above, sadly died last month.

Below is the message he posted on Facebook on Christmas Eve to his friends, telling them of his illness.

Jeffrey Milliam, Meadow Walker's lawyer, told Daily exclusively: 'The email about the "totaled" 200 Carrera GTs was written in 2006 after only 1,280 cars in total had been manufactured.'We have yet to learn how many more were totaled over the next seven years up to November 30, 2013 when Paul was killed as a passenger.

We’re going to find out now that Porsche cannot hide this information.'Milliam also released a statement that read: 'Today’s filing is extremely significant.

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