Is kid cudi still dating amanda bynes

Despite her positive outlook on life, her close friends and family are reportedly nervous that a romance could have more of a negative effect on Amanda.

"Amanda's problem has always been moderation and managing her expectations - she's an all or nothing type of character with no filter, which is what got her in such trouble in the first place," the source added.

Taking to her page, she writes, "I want to be a mom but not til I'm 30 and even if I get married b4 (before) then I still want to wait to have kids til long after I'm married.

Amanda Bynes is said to be hoping to soon get "back onto the dating scene".

And Bynes is adamant she has a few more years before she considers raising a baby, even if she finds the perfect man to settle down with.

She is believed to be concentrating on studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM)'s Los Angeles campus.

Amanda Bynes was as active as ever today on Twitter, but one of the more memorable moments was when she called out Liam Hemsworth for being "the most gorgeous man on the face of the Earth."Well, she does have a point there, doesn't she?

Formerly a prolific Twitter user, Amanda now posts messages on the social networking site infrequently.

Amanda Bynes is refusing to have children until she is in her thirties - because motherhood will take up all her time.

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