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In 1989, he formed the Advanced Product Group, one of three companies that merged to become Access Graphics.He became President and Chief Executive Officer of Access Graphics, a computer services company and a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin.In 2006, an extremely detailed profile of both the case and Beth Holloway's theories about Natalee appeared in .

Tidbits from their lives cast suspicion everywhere—and might hold the key to cracking the case.

Following her daughter's disappearance, Twitty became a speaker on the topic of personal safety.

She founded the International Safe Travels Foundation to educate the public to help them travel more safely, She received her bachelor's degree in speech pathology with a minor in special education from University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

In 2000, Holloway married George "Jug" Twitty, an Alabama businessman, and moved with her children to Mountain Brook, Alabama.

Immediately after receiving word about Natalee's missed flight, Jug and Beth Twitty flew to Aruba with friends by private jet.

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