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The singer-songwriter is dating Gym Class Heroes lead vocalist Travis Mc Coy and already got a promise ring from him.Opened up about their love relationship, Mc Coy said in a recent interview, "We're going to spend the whole summer together.He could also differentiate the sounds between allied and enemy planes TIL during WWII a Japanese Kamikaze hit the USS Missouri and his body landed on deck.Though an unpopular decision, the Captain demanded a proper burial for the Japanese soldier. Tags: gym class heroes, love, ps22 chorus, sound check, stereo heart We are SO EXCITED to EXCLUSIVELY announce Univision Radio’s H20 Music Festival!!!Travie says: Tags: gym class heroes, illness, lazarus, papercut chronicles, stereo hearts, stomach virus, travis mccoy And she made some pretty good points doing it!!

This summer, all of your favorite English and Spanish mainstream artists will be brought together on ONE stage! He is this KILLER violin player on You Tube who is just a master of music!

The performance had a extra special meaning in it, which you'll recognize when you watch the video (above) ! That doesn't seem to stop him from more planning, though.

The (above) clip shows a sound check of their performance, which in all honesty, blows our minds because this sounds like it could have been the real deal! It was nice when we heard the version by Gym Class Heroes and Adam Levine (all 3,295 times), but this cover puts a FRESH new feel on it. Tags: adam levine, gym class heroes, ithacapella, ps22 chorus, stereo hearts We LOVE this! He's already been to the hospital twice for a stomach virus.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gym Class Heroes’ “Stereo Hearts” video?

Just getting into a song and pushing it, it was inspiring,” he added.

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