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Once you’ve shared a sexual message, photo or video you’ve no control over what happens to it and it could be shared with other people.

This can leave you feeling worried and embarrassed and you might get unwanted attention.

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Just a little bit of talk, maybe a photo or two, but what kids don’t realize is that sending explicit sexual material via cell phone or media sharing device —“sexting” — can have far-reaching consequences. Rick Nelson of the Peterborough Police Department, who is also a member of the New Hampshire Internet Crimes against Children Task Force, said, “Back when we were kids, if we had a hard day at school or did something stupid, it stayed at school. Now, with social media if kids make a bad choice, it can be spread all over the Internet. You don’t know where that information is going to end up.” “What kids really need to understand is this – once it’s out on the Internet, it will always be on the Internet.

It doesn’t go away.” There are no sexting laws in the books in New Hampshire, but If you send nude photos of a minor, that is child pornography, which is a crime.

You should never feel pressured into sexting, if someone sends you a sexual text or photo you don’t need to send one back.

You never in any circumstance ‘owe’ anyone a sexual message, image or video so don’t feel guilty about not sending one.

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