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Anyone with a basic understanding of how engines work is bound to be impressed by von Koenigsegg's latest, a camshaft-free design.With a conventional engine, the valves are driven by cams that are necessarily egg-shaped, with each cam driving its attendant valve stem into its deepest extension at the pointiest part of the egg as the cam rotates on the camshaft.Environmentalists hate it because it's dirty, and while some engineers pursue alternate energy forms, there are still plenty of smart people tweaking the internal combustion engine to make it less dirty, more efficient, and more powerful.One person in the latter category is Christian von Koenigsegg, the rather brilliant inventor behind the Swedish supercar skunkworks that bears his name.For a complete listing of photographs held by SPRI from this expedition please click on the link below.

On this expedition the ship sailed to Antarctica three times.

Simple physics dictate this be a gradual process; because of the egg shape the valve gradually opens, maxes out, and gradually closes.

If a cam was shaped like an off-center square, for instance, the valve stem would break on the corners.

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