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Perhaps the most serious challenges to human rights in Algeria are the substantial restrictions on freedom of association and of assembly.

In 2015 there were plenty of excellent models and epic performances, but 2016 has all the chances to beat the record with even more salacious shows.

The flag of Algeria is very interesting and has great deep meaning -The left half of the Algeria flag is green and the right side is white.

There is a red crescent and red star in the middle of the Algerian flag.

Other issues include extensive corruption, official impunity, the overuse of pretrial detention, substandard prison conditions, prisoner abuse, the absence of a free judiciary, restrictions on freedom of movement, violence and discrimination against women, limited workers' rights, and the commission by government agents of arbitrary killings.

To the extent that there is democracy in today's Algeria, it is founded in three pieces of legislation: • The Political Parties Act (1989, amended 1997), which allowed multiple political parties • The Associations Act (1987, amended 1990), which permitted establishment of associations • The Information Act (1990), which paved the way for independent news media Free elections were held in the country beginning in 1988, but a victory by the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) in the 1991 parliamentary ballot sparked a military coup d'état and the imposition, in February 1992, of a state of emergency under which basic human rights were suspended.

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