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Parking for out of town partiers is available in the City of Athens parking garage just off Court Street and at the Athens County Fairgrounds on the west side of the city. A fire was reported at the Athena Movie Theatre that caused minor damage.Since 1998 Ohio University has blocked off lots to any vehicles not displaying a valid parking permit. “I think the most memorable line I’ve used was at a party —I was dared to do this—towards one of my classmates at the time.The line was ‘I’m not drunk, but I’m intoxicated by you,’” said University of Texas at Austin freshman Fernanda Loya.The city of Athens has traditionally charged for parking at the Fairgrounds as a way to offset the costs of additional police and emergency response teams. Ohio University provides alternative activities for students that don’t want to deal with the crowds uptown. In 1977 The Athens City Council passed a resolution closing Court Street to traffic and allowing an official Halloween celebration. Because of the high arrest numbers in 1978, the City of Athens and Ohio University dropped their sponsorship of the festivities in 1979. 141 people were arrested on Halloween weekend in 1979. Seventy eight arrests were made by the Athens Police Department between P.

Drugs, such as Rohypnol, GHB and Ketamine, have also been called “date rape drugs” because they have been used in situations of sexual assault.Halloween in Athens Ohio is an annual Block Party in Uptown Athens, Ohio.Although called a Block Party the festivities span several blocks and revelers can be found at house parties around the city.On the closest Saturday to Halloween, Court Street in Uptown Athens is closed to traffic and stages are set up to provide entertainment to the crowds.An estimated 10,000 to 30,000 party-goers dressed in all manner of costume descend upon the City of Athens with a population of 23,832. Ohio University, in its attempts to limit the number of individuals from outside the Athens Ohio community, only allows each student living in the dorms to have one guest stay for the weekend.

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