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Decorated with antique furniture from the South of France dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, both Confiserie Florian locations, Nice and Le Pont du Loup, are a blend of tradition, refinement, and taste.

The quality of our products was honored in 1972 when we received the Coupe d’Or du Bon Goût Français, the “Gold Cup of French Good Taste.” Encouraged by this flourishing success and after buying the famed Florian brand, Confiserie Florian in the Nice Old Town opened its doors in 1974 on Nice’s old port, the original home of the former Florian chocolate factory, well known to the people of Nice and the celebrated painter Matisse.

A master ninja, @James_law1 snapped some amazing photos.

Here’s one of them that captured @Clark Gilmer in the moment.

Let your skin embody wellness with Kerstin Florian skin and body care.

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Florian’s girlfriend-turned wife, Clark Gilmer is a model and actress.I more and more realized that, despite having limited space, a tinder profil can portray a lot of things through subcommunication.It was back then I randomly got to know 3 of my best friends since then – today's Tindermentors. I would have never imagined the path we went down then to be a possibility in life.Download Poster Hofmann, Florian; Rosenau, Matthias; Schreurs, Guido, und Friedrich, Anke M.: The Effect of Material Properties on the Structural Development of Analogue Coulomb Wedges, Geo Munich2011, Munich, September 2011Hofmann, Florian; Carena, Sara und Friedrich, Anke M.: Organizing Field Trips for Large Groups of Undergraduate Students: Our Experience from the Berliner Hütte Field Exercise, Zillertal, Austria, Geo Munich2011, Munich, September 2011Evers, Serjoscha; Engelmann, Oliver und Hofmann, Florian: "Heureka" in Geological Education? Scientific Research by Undergraduate Students - Learning through Analogue Modeling; Geo Munich2011, Munich, September 2011Hofmann, Florian; Rosenau, Matthias und Schreurs, Guido: Critical Taper in Sandbox Experiments?

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    When it comes to dating, it would do us well to see it as an avenue toward getting to know God’s people as we pursue God’s big picture for our lives.