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The full-time programme offers a nine-month introduction to graduate research.

It is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to build upon their undergraduate studies through one year of further study, and also those hoping to proceed to doctoral work.

Paleolithic society was probably characterized by a division of labor by sex.

men most likely hunted, fished, and fought other families, clans and tribes.

The third type of source that can relate to women consists of traditional rabbinic literature and classic literary historical sources, such as the (c. By concentrating on the background of these works, rather than the foreground that was intended to be the focus of attention, readers can often learn details about women’s dress, occupations, courtship and marriage customs, child-rearing practices, status in the family and the community, housekeeping matters, education, religious practice, etc.

In theory, Polish-Jewish society was highly genderized, with each gender occupying its particular social and cultural sphere.

Near the end of his life, he wrote several books codifying his theories: the Underweysung der Messung (Manual of measurement), published in 1525, and Vier Bücher von menschlichen Proportion (Four books of human proportion), published in 1528, just after his death.

Dürer’s fascination with ideal form is manifest in Adam and Eve.

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In this material women are prominent not only as wives, mothers and daughters, but as servants and widowed heads of households as well.

The first engravings of the sculpture were not made until well after 1504, but Dürer must have seen a drawing of it.

Dürer was a complete master of engraving by 1504: human and snake skin, animal fur, and tree bark and leaves are rendered distinctively.

The latter will be encouraged to develop their master’s and doctoral proposals in tandem during the first few months, so that they will be well placed to make doctoral applications in January.

You will be invited to present and receive feedback on your work-in-progress at a conference specific to this programme at the start of Trinity term.

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