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.80010036 .8001050B Blu-Ray .8001050D An error occurred during the start operation; PS3 game swapped using the eject function and then play pressed quickly PS3 game inserted again.80010510 .80010514 , . .80010516 An error occurred during the start operation; PS1 game swapped using the eject function and then play pressed quickly, PS1 game inserted again.80022A07 . .80023017 PSN , .80023102 , .80028801 The 1.8 update allows the PS3 to play .ts, .m2t and .m2ts to play natively, no conversion needed. Check to make sure firewall is off to see if that helps. -When the update begins, pull your HDD out of the slot.Instead, let the count from 60 run out, your screen will go blank for about 30 seconds then it will start back up and tell you that your Hard Drive needs to be reformatted.Below that it has an error code number, which is [11006][20815][20831][10711]. If you are updating on wireless, connect the ps3 up with an ethernet cable and it should work fine.I am on my third try now, but being that the update takes about an hour to get to the halfway mark I am getting extremely fed up. Sometimes the signal can drop out a bit which could make the servers think there is no you waited for an hour?It will then ask you to either press start and select at same time OR white PS3 Button - PRESS START and SELECT. Simply hit cancel and it will kick back to the PS3 start up screen. I tried removing my blu ray drive before updating...although the blu ray drive did not accept disks.

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To check and or to perform a PS3 Software Update, click on this link.

I log in with my SE account, and it brings me to a page with all the latest FFIV news and such, and says updating patch files.

Every time is gets to about 40% completion (or about 1.2GB of 2.5), and then it takes me to a black screen that says Unable to update patch files. That code seems to be a server related one with the server not responding.

.8002F997 c USB .80030002 .8003041F (using media server).8003051E .

, ( ).8013013D A connection error has occurred May be to do with the SSID of the Router or signal strength if the connection drops. Otherwise check WPA key PS3 can't handle WPA2 only WPA or none.8013013E WEP , WPA .

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