Emily post online dating

: For some people, going to the movies is a common dating activity, but it's hard to get to know each other by just sitting in the dark.Instead, you might consider going for drive, hiking in the mountains, or making dinner together.

That first date is a critical moment in the online dating continuum. Its the moment when you and your profile better be a match, when you have to live up to your photo, and it can cause anxiety for both people.

Until, of course, one stands out and stops you mid-swipe — a familiar face. Seeing someone you know IRL on Tinder feels like walking in on someone in a dressing room or accidentally stumbling upon their diary.

Maybe it's because Tinder is still sort of seen as an embarrassing hunting ground for lazy hookups, or because realizing your boss is out there trying to find someone (just like you) feels way too personal, but coming across an acquaintance from the outside world in the confines of the app feels intimate and vulnerable, and not in a good way.

Most people I polled agreed, but a few deranged dare devils said they'd swipe right.

"It could make for good personal exchange and bonding experience that strengthens work relationships," said Oscar*, 29. Could be like grade-school you seeing your teacher out in public." Yeah, no.

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