Distribution consolidating products

If product is sold as a service, and services are available everywhere, what role does distribution play in the facilitation of channels and sales? First, the Westcon-Comstor sale shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Many people in the know have been aware that Datatec, Westcon’s South Africa parent company, was seeking a buyer for a while.

Cross-docking favors the timely distribution of freight, a better synchronization with the demand and a more efficient use of transportation assets.

The distribution center essentially acts as a high throughput sorting facility for several suppliers and customers.

The cloud offering should be available by the end of the year.

The organization will be called Animal Health International.

“Lextron currently distributes 35,000 animal health products,” said Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Dave Wagley.

“This is a merger of two companies who have experience in the animal health business for over 44 years.” Meanwhile, Elanco, the animal health arm of U.

S.-based laboratory Eli Lilly and Company has made an irrevocable, unconditional offer to acquire Janssen Pharmaceutica of Belgium. The union's finalization depends on whether European authorities approve the deal.

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