Developing a healthy dating relationship

Relationships can play a major role in our lives, especially during the teen years. Sometimes we associate with people who may not have our best interests in mind.It's vital that you learn to recognize a healthy relationship from a harmful one.There is a saying, "if you hang around the barber shop long enough, you will end up getting a haircut," which means if you continue to hang out with the same people you used to use with, you will eventually return to your previous habits.

Developing new positive friendships with people who can support your recovery efforts can be even more important.If you are trying to maintain abstinence from drugs or alcohol, it is very important that you develop positive, healthy relationships to support you during your recovery process.For most people who go through a professional rehab program, that can mean having to make an entire set of new friends. Things have certainly changed over the past few decades in regards to how we view relationships. The very roles we play in our relationships have changed as well. When my grandparents were getting married and starting a family, the father figure was the breadwinner; the mother was the child raiser and homemaker.Two generations later and we see a total reversal of that situation.

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