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Red flags, she says, include “peculiar word choices, bad grammar,” someone who won’t divulge their last name and anyone who has just one picture.Gandhi coaches her clients and helps them revamp their online profiles.” For most of us dating today, it’s likely that this thoroughly dissatisfying dating scenario is all too familiar.Many women view the digital world as a scourge on all those who desire intentional dating and eventual marriage. I know you are familiar with eye-witness testimony.That is when you see something and as a witness to what you saw testify to your recollection. Based on my experience in interviewing and interrogating thousands of people I can tell you that people have a very hard time remembering things.The strategies you teach really helped me filter my matches and focus on the guys I could trust.

As many as 53 percent of users lie on their dating profiles.You’ve essentially become Nancy Drew, Digital Dating Detective.Finally he texts you that evening with a line so short and late it must have been an afterthought: “What’s up?I know, because I'm living proof that we can rise above.The conversational “rituals” in my prior relationships included an endless barrage of texts and Facebook messages.

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