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I think of how amazing it would have been if my dad had actually sat down with and interviewed my dates when I was a teenager. My hubby has been taking our daughter out on dates since she was a little girl, so any fella' who wants to spend time with her has some big shoes to fill (literally—size 14)!For years I've told him this day was coming and for years he has wanted to avoid the subject.Members of the congregation said they couldn’t believe the man they trusted with their salvation has been busy dating their daughters.The married pastor’s dirty secret was first revealed when two young girls fought over him a month ago.“Luttrell will be lucky if his daughter doesn’t rebel and get pregnant just to spite that kind of control,” one said.“What this teaches his daughter is that some man is in charge of her body: her daddy,” wrote another.I don’t expect every guy that comes calling for my daughter to be malicious or take advantage of her.I will expect that their parents have raised them the same way I am raising my boys: To respect females, to ask their permission before kissing and touching, to be polite and honest, unless I see otherwise.

He spent about 30 minutes having a very important conversation with a young man we know. (Heavy sigh.) We knew this day would get here, and though my husband was prepared to just lock her in the closet until she turned 22, we recognize that part of our responsibility while she's still under our roof is to help her navigate appropriate relationships, especially dating relationships.Although he is denying it, this pastor has been accused of sleeping with several female members in his congregation.He stands in front of his congregation, preaching the Word of God and encouraging them to follow the Lord’s will.We’ve been hearing things like, “No one will ever be good enough for my daughter,” or “Maybe I’ll be polishing my gun collection when Tommy comes to pick you up,” forever.And I realize when a father “threatens” a gentleman caller or decides to wear a tank top and puff out his chest in front of all the young men to scare them away from his little girl, it’s supposed to be a little bit of a joke. None of us want to see our kids get hurt or taken advantage of.

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