Dating website for fibromyalgia

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Laurie Hi Laurie~Thank you for your response and your support gurl !! You then pour it in a quart size freezer bag and seal it. I pay soooo much for those essential cold packs that I use almost daily for migraines, and they break too often (probably from too much us, huh! I am umm pretty covered in the endorphin department if ye get me on that one? I find magnesium to be the biggest boon, how 'bout you? Love ya too Ellen, Lara Glad to hear that you are going to bed early tonight, Lara. Well, I will check my emails from my phone going forward! Lately I've too had some pretty bad flair ups, but nothing as bad as what you're describing!

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Fibro has dragged my tolerance bar level down to such a low level that it might as well be considered nonexistent. Eventually that ended and I had to figure out life as a single woman with fibro, especially reentering the dating scene.

xoxosweet lemon Oh sweets, I'm so sorry you are having a rough go of it. I'll contact my sister and see what she has to say. I know when I hurt so bad, a walk is out of the question, but you could stretch too. The other person who wrote is right that there are supplements that you can take that help in the long run, but I won't take up time here talking about them. Dandylion root, probiotics, magnesium, quertecin, one called sleep, with a bunch of stuff in it. My suggestion would be to head to the ER and hopefully they can get yor pain under better control. Cheap as all get out and for whatever reason, it causes the epsom to soak deeper into your muscle aches. I hate to see a Fibro sister in pain for any reason.

Hang in there and I'll say a big prayer for ya. Depending on how big of a bag you want to make, take 2 parts of hair gel and mix it with alcholol until you get it to the desire consistency you want. You are way too uptight about the pain, and emotions make the pain oh so much worse!! Good luck sweetlemon, and I really hope you take a good hard look about what is stressing you out, and kick it out of your mind, even if it is pain. Love ya, Ellen Hi Ellen, Long time no posty posty gurl !! My long term suggestion would be to try bio feedback. My bio feedback doc taught me self hypnosis and it really does work. Sounds (in your words) wackadoo, but it really works. I am here to talk whenever you need to, although that doesn't seem to ring true now does it, seeing as I just got this? I would suggest a splash of Bailey's but the meds say, "no no no" (hear Amy W. You're in my thoughts n prayers, Lara, get well soon In Peace, Tee I'm so sorry to hear that your in so much pain!!

There is no need to hang on to, listen to, make space for, etc.

anyone who is only succeeding in taking up what little energy and time that you have, which you should be spending on making yourself feel good about you and working towards your goals.

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