Dating the brain injury article

The following life changes typically affect intimate relationships: Brain injury survivors often have new personality traits, challenges, fears, and limitations.

Survivors are often surprised by how these changes also mean that they will feel and behave differently in their relationships.

But following a head injury, the anger is so extreme that the person may want to harm the dog.

Anger after a head injury is quite different from "normal" anger.

In another variation of anger problems, some little thing sets you off and then the "whole day is ruined" (you’re not mad but seem to be in a bad mood).

Many people say, following a head injury, "I cry real easily, sometimes over the dumbest things." This is especially tough for men in our society because men have been taught not to cry.

Please resist expecting me to be who I was, even though I look better.

I am not being difficult if I resist social situations.

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It continues long after formal rehabilitation has ended.

Cognition is a fragile function for a brain injury survivor. Pushing too hard usually leads to setbacks, sometimes to illness.

I get physical fatigue as well as a “brain fatigue.” It is very difficult and tiring for my brain to think, process, and organize. My stamina fluctuates, even though I may look good or “all better” on the outside.

Anger following a head injury tends to have a "quick on" and a "quick off." Basically you can be in a good mood until some small thing irritates you and you suddenly get very angry.

But this anger doesn’t seem to last; you're angry for a few minutes, someone changes the topic of conversation, and you quickly stop being angry.

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